Please refer to our Cut Sheets when placing a processing order.

The Oakes Team are outdoor enthusiasts.  We hunt, we fish and  we have a deep respect and appreciation for the sportsman's lifestyle. 

It is no accident that we process more than 7,000 wild game harvests per year.  We have worked hard to earn our customers trust and we pledge to continue our Southern Family Tradition.

Livestock Processing

When you bring us meat to be processed we know you expect the best.  Our pledge to you is to maintain a healthy and clean environment.  Each animal is tagged and processed individually to ensure that the meat you brought to us is the meat you take home.

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Sorry, but we do not process poultry

Wild Game Processing

Chumuckla, Fl is a community of farmers. It is not only a way of life, it is their life's blood.  Farming feeds their families as well as families across the nation. 

The Oakes family has lived and worked in Chumuckla for generations.  We have grown up watching local farmers work their crops and livestock and we are proud to call them our friends and neighbors. 

The Oakes Team handles all livestock processing with the same care and respect that we have provided our  neighbors since 1991.